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Ruby is staying in her home!! This is a courtesy listing. Please contact the person listed. Meet Ruby. She is a female (RS) Eclectus. Here is her story and why she is needing a new home. Ruby was found by man while in his back yard. She flew down from a tree and landed on his shoulder. This man not wanting to keep this beautiful bird. Call Animal Control. They took the bird in. Thinking the owner would claim her in no time short. Well, that never happened. So one of the nice lady at the Animal Control decided to keep the bird and give her a home. That was two years ago.She is healthy and a real sweet little lady. She is a closet talker and can talk up a storm. She loves to listen to music and listen to childrens shows on TV. She likes being outdoors on pretty days. She likes to take a shower with daddy or be misted. What a little pig she can be. Loves to eat. And cuddle with her daddy. This is where the problem has started for us. Ruby has developed a bond to her daddy. Things were okay for a while. But since her daddy is now working six days a week. So she doesn't get to spend the time she needs with him. So she has started screaming when he is home. Ruby does not do this with mommy. But She just gets so upset that daddy doesn't have the time for her. And she thinks her daddy is her mate. So we are looking to place her in a new home.With a single man or female. Gets along great with both. Just bonds with a man. Which may cause her fits of screaming. She may have been hand raised by a man. No one knows her past or how old she is. No small children or loud dogs. One must have a vet reference, knowledge in this breed of parrot. A visit to meet her will be required. Or Two. There will be an adoption fee. When Ruby finds that forever home. She will go with her cage, toys, playstand,boing and food. No Breeders. .

This is where you will place the description of the animal that needs to be rescued.

This is where you will place the description of the animal that needs to be rescued.


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