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My pet sitter was on her rounds last nite and thought she say a garbage bag on the side of the road - realizing it was a dog, turned around - bought some chicken nuggets and went back to find it. Here is the data about the dog. She is working on getting a picture which I can forward later. She says that he is definitely someone's pet as he looks well cared for and not starving (although he did scarf down those nuggets) So I wanted to get something out so we can match up this sweet dog with it's family. Found Dog Found evening of 12/22/04 - Wednesday Found on side of feeder road of Beltway 8 and Hammerly Estimated to be about 4 or 5 years old Approximately 80 lbs Altered Has a Black Face with a Black Brindle body and a white chest Has white on the very tip of his tail. Appears very scared to be away from home but friendly It currently is being kept at CAPS, so we need to at the least find it a foster home because it has absolutely no room. He loves to be with people, he does not like to be alone. Must have been with a family that had kids because he loves kids. He gets along well with other dogs, including small dogs but thinks cats are fun to chase. He does not have any tattoos or microchips. He is very well behaved and affectionate. Some folks at the vet though he was part Mastiff but we can't see that - maybe Rottie with that large gorgeous head of his. They are becoming very attached to him ,but live in a one-bedroom apartment, and they are "Foster Parents dropouts" when they adopted the Choc Lab mix from Kingsville, that they had agreed to foster.
CONTACT Pamela A Rouse at 713.331.6501

This puppy was found in the Heights area. She is approx. 5-6 mos. old, recently spayed. She is deaf. The lady that found her lives in Katy, she has posted signs in the area the dog was found - no luck finding the owner. LSBR may be bringing her into their system and hopefully this lady will be able to foster until a home is found. Can you post her on e-rescue in hopes of finding her "owner". She is spayed. CONTACT Ariann Fahey
[mailto: Nnaira12@aol.com]

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